That a happy, healthy and collaborative team determines your company's performance and competitive position.
That only half of your employees now work together in one place and how that will impact cohesion and corporate culture.
How doubling the office space for your employees will impact your economics.



An office based on your vision instead of external limitations.

That will RE\DEFINE your business.
Enabling people to return to the office, driven by their desire to be together.

That will RE\DEFINE you as an employer.
Boosting your productivity by providing safe and healthy work environments for all your employees.

RE\DEFINE your market position.
We investigated

office science

90% of all collaborative communication takes place at people's desks.
Numerous studies show people's performance drops by 66% upon exposure to distracting noise.
Research shows that workers with office windows sleep an average 46 minutes more per night.
Tabletop area 1600x800 Tabletop area 1200x600

Tabletops have shrunk by up to 56% over the years. With the new distancing measures, this decreases the effectiveness of occupancy.
64% of the global workforce feels significant anxiety about job security due to the coronavirus hazard.
Most short sick leave is related to respiratory diseases such as colds, flu and hay fever.
Although the possibilities for working virtually are increasing, 77% of workers believe that the physical workplace will become more important.
85% of interviewees recognise wellness as a critical issue for workplaces.
Workers in office landscapes report ill more often (62%) than people working in traditional office environments.
Seminal research in 2003 identified 15 studies linking improved ventilation with up to 11% gains in productivity.
85% of young workers believe that work and home life will become more enmeshed for more people by 2030.
We can learn a lot from hospital and science environments that have long been designed to deal with a variety of biological hazards.
Lack of thermal comfort leads to a 5% reduction in performance


A new standard for safe, healthy and productive offices
Natural clean air + personal settings
Enhanced air quality
Natural clean air + personal settings
Enhanced air quality
Natural sound levels and reverb + personal settings
Enhanced sound quality
Daylight + personal settings
Enhanced light quality
Access to nature + biophilic environment
Access to nature
Assigned office space for everyone
Hybrid offices with assigned space for everyone
Safe circulation & dynamic wayfinding
Safe circulation
Active work style + dynamic lifestyle support
Dynamic fit-out
Personal work schedule & social & psychological support
Restorative space
Safe natural hygiene
Enhanced hygiene
Dutch building regulations


A new standard for safe, healthy and productive offices

“G&S Vastgoed has chosen to further develop their office concept in new development Wonderwoods because the RE\DEFINE program connects very well with our vision "Serving the City". In addition, it meets with our ambition to continuously gather knowledge together with experts and use this knowledge to early identify challenges and come up with solutions”

Jason Blackmore, G&S Vastgoed
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